<p>OptiMine Analytics’ data-driven simulations improve production cycles.</p>
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OptiMine Analytics’ data-driven simulations improve production cycles.

Analytics drive process improvements

OptiMine Analytics uses data-driven simulations to improve planning and optimize processes.

Sandvik has introduced OptiMine Analytics, a new performance-enhancing data analytics solution that transforms data into process improvements via insights and actionable dashboards embedded into operation management systems. OptiMine Analytics improves planning through data-driven simulations and then continuously optimizes production cycles with real-time data. Additionally, insights into operator actions improve safety by identifying areas for training proactively. OptiMine Analytics is the result of a close collaboration between Sandvik and IBM, whose industry-leading analytics platform and predictive modelling expertise will help OptiMine customers access years of insights on mining optimization and turn it into actionable improve­ments.