Mr Efficiency

As Section Head of Drilling and Blasting for the mining contractor PAMA at the Jembayan coal mine in Indonesia, Simon Roys Tambunan focuses on spotting inefficiencies and turning them into teaching opportunities.

Describe your tasks at the Jembayan coal mine.
I organize the drill and blast teams’ tasks for the day, indicating the areas of the pit where they will be working and coordinating their efforts to ensure that every day is an efficient one.

About Simon Roys Tambuan

Title: Section Head of Drilling and Blasting
Age: 33
Family: Newly married
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing video games

What are the biggest challenges you face at the mine?
The make-up of the ground at Jembayan varies drastically from site to site, sometimes even within the same pit. It’s essential to understand the ground conditions because the changes, particularly at different depths, affect the drill’s efficiency.

What are the most interesting parts of your job?
Without question, I love to find inefficient practices and use them as opportunities to teach our team about the right way to do things. We’re always looking for ways to be more effective at our work, so I really get a thrill working with other teams, such as engineering, production and management, to get the job done on time, which is vital. Sandvik really helps with that.

How does Sandvik help?
We have a long relationship with Sandvik, one that is based on trust. Their team doesn’t just provide us with equipment; we get invaluable advice and assistance in terms of maintenance and development. Sandvik also offers ideas on how to increase productivity and rate of penetration, along with advice on checking units and methods to operate. They offer great tips about how to maintain bit durability and choose the right bit for the work area, and the training they provide on using the equipment helps our staff operate the equipment safely and efficiently.

How do you spend your time away from work?
Well, I’ve just recently been married, so we don’t have any children yet, but I love to listen to music with my wife. Actually, I like how music occasionally synchronizes my work and life experiences. I’m very much into music. I also like to play PlayStation to reduce stress.