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<p>Luo Qingzin, chairman of New Orion Drilling, understands the value that Sandvik equipment brings to phosphate mining.</p>
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Luo Qingzin, chairman of New Orion Drilling, understands the value that Sandvik equipment brings to phosphate mining.

Taking the lead

A man of many interests that range from photography to the Beijing opera, Luo Qingxin, chairman of Guizhou New Orion Drilling Technology & Services Co. Ltd., finds it particularly gratifying to be working in an industry that is helping China feed its growing population by mining the phosphates that nurture crops.

Why did you choose to work in the mining industry?
I graduated from Chongqing University, specializing in mining engineering and mining machinery. Starting from university, I loved the mining industry and had a fondness for large open-pit drilling machines, loaders and excavators. China is a huge country with more than a billion people, so it’s necessary to produce large amounts of fertilizer to grow food. Guizhou Province has rich phosphate rock resources. I think phosphate mining has great value, because it can solve problems associated with providing food for large numbers of people.

About Luo Qingxin

Title: Chairman
Company: Guizhou New Orion Drilling Technology & Services Co. Ltd.
Age: 50
Lives: Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China
Family: One daughter, who has graduated from London University and returned to work in China.

What are the primary challenges in your work?
Firstly, the geology of the mining area is relatively complex, and there are cracks in some parts of the rock strata, which presents difficulties for the boring machinery. Apart from this, the mine is a large-scale state-owned mine, with relatively specific production standards – the bases of the benches formed after blasting need to be flat. But the rotary-drilling method used by our Sandvik D50KS and Sandvik D245S blasthole drills is extremely effective, allowing for ideal blasting results and leaving very smooth benches after the covering rock has been excavated and carried away.

What is your relationship with Sandvik?
We’ve established very friendly relations with Sandvik. In the early days, the company only used domestically manufactured equipment. Later we tested a Sandvik D1500 drill rig and found it to be an extremely flexible machine to use. In terms of the operations process, Sandvik engineers were accommodating and gave us their full support, winning our complete trust. When we were considering buying new machinery, we went through a long period of communication about the technology with the Sandvik sales manager. Finally, we decided to buy the Sandvik D50KS and Sandvik D245S in succession. The two machines have become key machines at the mine, carrying out important drilling work.

What is the status of the Sandvik machinery used in your mine?
The current situation is very good. Sandvik engineers cooperate with us in repairing and maintaining the equipment, ensuring that the machinery’s operational status is strong. Currently, the company has eight rotary blasthole rig operators, and they’re usually divided into two teams that work in shifts while the machines operate continuously. During shift changes and meal times, our machinery staff carries out checks and routine maintenance so that any problems can be promptly resolved.

In your opinion, what is most impressive about Sandvik equipment?
The company’s rotary blasthole rigs feature advanced design, reliable and stable quality and mature technology. Coupled with the support of the Sandvik aftermarket service and its spare-parts department, we are able to guarantee completion of our production tasks.

What hobbies and interests do you have?
I have very diverse interests, but I particularly enjoy photography and traditional Chinese plays – Beijing opera. When I’m not working, I like to go outdoors and photograph things of cultural interest, as well as natural scenery. I also participate in my local community’s Beijing opera performances.

About Guizhou New Orion Drilling Technology & Services Co. Ltd.
Guizhou New Orion Drilling Technology & Services Co. Ltd. specializes in drilling mining blastholes, undertaking domestic and international blasting projects at mines and at large-scale hydro-electric sites. With a staff of 60 and an annual turnover of CNY 50 million, the company has a number of senior engineers with 30 years of rig production, assembly, repair and operations experience. And with its range of specialized, large-scale, modern drilling equipment, it also provides optimized blasting plans based on mine reserves, the scale of production and specific geological formations. In addition, the company also offers sales of various types of rigs, with technical-support services, including equipment installation, maintenance and technical modifications.