An Industry Leader Goes Next Level

Ever since its launch in 2004, the Sandvik Alpha 330 has been hugely popular in the drilling industry due to its short, robust thread. The concept has evolved into an even more advanced solution: the new Sandvik Alpha 340.

The key innovation is its unique asymmetric thread profile, which lowers stress levels in critical areas and makes it easier to uncouple. In addition, an increased thread diameter allows for higher fatigue strength, and a larger flushing hole reduces the risk of jamming. As a result of these improvements, service life is now up to 30 percent longer compared to the Sandvik Alpha 330.

“The difference between the asymmetric thread and a standard thread is that we have different flank angles,” explains John Hammargren, R&D Senior Development Engineer. “We have improved the thread profile where we have contact while drilling, so there we have lower stresses where most of the fatigue breakage starts.”

The development of the Sandvik Alpha 340 has been made possible by Sandvik’s expanded research and development capabilities. Extensive computer simulations have helped perfect the design while digital control in machining has enabled more advanced geometries. It has been subjected to extensive field tests at 17 different sites across the world, where it has been trialed in different operating conditions and rock types.

With the launch of the Sandvik Alpha 340, the Sandvik Alpha 330 will no longer be available on the market. The Sandvik Rock Tools team is contacting all current users with information on how to convert to the new updated product.