<p>Drill rig simulators offer low-risk, damage-free training.</p>
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Drill rig simulators offer low-risk, damage-free training.

Drill rig simulators: Real-life training

To train staff how to use equipment in a safe yet “real-life” environment, Sandvik Mining has introduced several custom-built training simulators for its new Pantera surface mining drill rigs.

These Pantera simulators are a perfect replication of the actual drill rigs used in real mines: the cabin layout and control system including down-the-hole (DTH) and tophammer configurations are the same. A screen at the front window in the simulator gives the trainees the feeling of being in a real mine. It is a low-risk and damage-free alternative to in-the-field drill rig training.

The simulators can be easily moved into a training room where mine staff, such as drill operators and maintenance technicians, can practice before operating Pantera in a mine. The simulator provides them with all the skills they will need to operate the equipment, while the trainers and mine management can get feedback to identify improvement areas or to certify staff.