Electric dump valve

Electric dump valve

Sandvikhas released the advanced electric dump valve system which is the quickest tramp iron protection system of any cone crusher available on the market.

With an astonishing sampling rate of 200 times per second of the hydraulic pressure, this state of the art control and hydraulic system reacts instantly to uncrushable objects, such as tramp iron, drill bits, mill balls, excavator teeth, pieces of steel or severe packing of fine material in the crushing chamber.

The design of the Sandvik HydrosetTM system coupled with the electric dump valve system allows for the quick detection and reaction to uncrushable objects thus decreasing the risk of internal damage to the crusher.

Customer benefits include:
1. Quickest tramp iron protection system of any cone crusher available on the market which reduces exposure to damaging pressure peaks by over 90%.
2. Output signal from the PLC control system notifies the operator that the crushing chamber is opening. Customers can take corrective actions to remove the unwanted object from their process.
3. The external dump valve is located on the side of the crusher supporting increased safety and easier access during maintenance.

Factory installed electric dump valve kits are available for the CH870, CH890 and CH895 models. A retrofit kit is available for crushers already installed in the field covering the H7800, CH870, H8000, H8000i, H8800 and CH880 models.