<p>As associate general manager at Rampura Agucha mine, Rajeev Shrimali (right) makes sure that the operation runs smoothly.</p>
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As associate general manager at Rampura Agucha mine, Rajeev Shrimali (right) makes sure that the operation runs smoothly.

An eye for a drill

Hindustan Zinc Limited’s Rampura Agucha mine has experienced a six-fold increase in ore treatment since it began operation in 1990. One of the men behind the expansion in production is Associate General Manager Rajeev Shrimali.

What is your role at Rampura Agucha mine?
I’ve been proudly associated with Rampura Agucha mine since 1990, and today I work as an associate general manager, making sure that our operation runs smoothly and that the mine reaches its production target. Our journey started with 1 million tonnes of ore treatment in 1990, and now it is at 6 million tonnes, so it’s been quite a journey.

Rajeev Shrimali in brief

Position: Associate General Manager
Age: 47
Family: Married to Shalini, has a teenage daughter and a teenage son
Interests: Spiritual; does yoga/meditation

What’s the reason for your success?
To achieve this kind of expansion in production, we have relied on the latest equipment on the market. I’m proud to say that we have adopted every technological development in all areas of mining, including drilling, blasting and, of course, hauling and excavation.

What has been your biggest challenge at the mine?
When we started production at the mine, we were struggling to find equipment with good safety features. The Sandvik DP1524 drill has all the safety features we require. The drill’s built-in water injection system is very efficient and prevents dust shedding during drilling. While drilling we’re also saving fuel in terms of metres, so environmentally it’s very eco-friendly.

What has the Sandvik drill meant in terms of production?
Before putting this equipment into production, we were unsure whether it would get the required results. But after deployment the equipment availability and performance has been better than expected. In fact, its performance is excellent. We have achieved more than 18,000 metres of drilling in a month, which is a landmark achievement by any single drill at Rampura Agucha.

About Rampura Agucha

Owned by Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL), Rampura Agucha is the world’s largest zinc mine. Located 230 kilometres north of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan in India, the mine is highly mechanized in drilling, blasting, loading and hauling. The products from the mine are zinc concentrate and lead concentrate. Zinc and lead concentrates produced at Rampura Agucha are transferred to HZL’s Chanderiya Smelter Complex, the world’s largest lead-zinc smelter complex. It refines lead-zinc ore and produces zinc, lead, cadmium and other valuable metals.