Sandvik Mining relocates headquarters

Sandvik Mining recently moved its Amsterdam headquarters to a new location, which provides improved office space efficiency.

The new building, known as ‘The Edge’, acquired recognition in 2014 as the World’s Most Sustainable Office Building based on its BREEAM score of 98.36 percent. The building is considered to be ‘energy neutral’, offering many innovative ways to save on energy costs as well as providing an optimal working environment.

The solar panels that cover the building’s south façade and an aquifer thermal energy storage system (located approximately 130 metres below ground level) generate enough energy to heat and cool the entire building. An intelligent LED powered lighting system enables the monitoring of light, movement and temperature throughout the building. This means that when the building is empty, or almost empty, energy sources such as light and temperature can be moderated and managed accordingly.

The building also has a water management program, whereby rainwater is collected for reuse in the site’s toilets and for watering the gardens.