Mid-sized marvels

The new Sandvik CH860 and Sandvik CH865 cone crushers provide advanced solutions for secondary and tertiary crushing and unrivalled benefits for their class, leading to improved reliability and productivity, and enhanced environment, health and safety attributes.

What real-life benefits do the new Sandvik CH860 and Sandvik CH865 cone crushers offer to a mine manager looking for a healthy return on equipment investments, or a maintenance engineer concerned about the process security, or an operator keen to arrive home safe and sound after the day’s work?

The role of a cone crusher can vary depending on the comminution process – a secondary, tertiary, quaternary or pebble crushing stage application. Consequently, the key performance criteria can focus on either high crushing capacity or high reduction in order to achieve the proper balance in the processing circuit.

Tech specs

Nominal capacity, mtph (stph)

  • CH860 (secondary): 214-1024 [236-1,129]
  • CH865 (tertiary/pebble): 127–560 [140-617]

Max. feed size, mm (inches)

  • CH860 (secondary): 140-275 [5 ½”-10 13/16”]
  • CH865 (tertiary/pebble): 60-100 [2 ⅜”–3 15/16”]

Max. motor power kW (hp)

  • CH860 (secondary): 500 [670]
  • CH865 (tertiary/pebble): 500  [670 ]

CSS range, mm (inches)

  • CH860 (secondary): 13-51 [½”– 2”]
  • CH865 (tertiary/pebble): 8-44 [5/16”-1 23/32”]

Throw (range), mm (inches)

  • CH860 (secondary): 30-70 [13/16”-2 ¾”]
  • CH865 (tertiary/pebble): 30-70 [1 13/16”-2 ¾”]

Weight (crusher only) mt (st)

  • CH860 (secondary): 40 (41)
  • CH865 (tertiary/pebble): 39 (40)

As part of a commitment to offer new products based on field-proven technology, Sandvik builds on its traditional cone crusher strengths: the main shaft design with support at both ends as well as hydraulic support; a strong unibody structure without moving parts; adjustable eccentric throw; a constant intake opening (CLP); the Hydroset system for hydraulic setting adjustment; the automatic setting regulation system ASRi; and a slim installation footprint.

“We are expanding our CH800-series mining cone crushers to be even more competitive in the mid-range segment,” says Andreas Christoffersson, product line manager for cone crushers, Sandvik Mining. “Essentially we scaled down our successful bigger Sandvik CH890 and Sandvik CH895 mining crushers but added even more performance, strength and beneficial features. Our goal was to create the best mid-range mining machines on the market, and I’m confident to say that we succeeded.”

The new cone crushers can be summed up in four key words: safety, outperformance, robustness and intelligence.

Health hazards eliminated
High awareness of environment, health and safety (EHS) aspects is a constant focus for Sandvik Mining, and Sandvik CH860 and Sandvik CH865, with their ease and safety of maintenance, are no exception.

Having fewer moving parts than competing crushers is a good start. Non-welded, bolted liners on the top and bottom shell enhance safety thanks to easier maintenance. Health hazards related to plastics and adhesives are eliminated by plastic-free fastening of the mantle and concave. Various lifting and extracting tools make the maintenance easier and safer. Efficient off-line filtering of oil means less frequent oil and filter changes and thus an environmental benefit.

“Sandvik CH860 and Sandvik CH865 offer better safety, easier maintenance, improved reliability and higher productivity all in the same package,” Christoffersson says.

Outperform the competition
Depending on the application, the new Sandvik CH860 and Sandvik CH865 crushers outperform competing equipment in the mid-range segment by up to 30 percent. The higher crushing force relative to the mantle diameter coupled with a 500 kW motor and the intelligent automation ASRi yield better performance, less circulating load and improved profitability. Combined with a broad concave and mantle offering, the result is significantly better productivity and profitability – outperformance, as Sandvik Mining calls it.

Sandvik solution: Automation for outperformance

The new Sandvik CH860 and CH865 cone crushers combine a range of advanced automation features for a more secure and productive process.

The Hydroset main shaft support system provides protection from overloads by permitting tramp iron and other uncrushables to pass through the crusher, and then automatically returns to the original setting.

The “brain” of the control system is ASRi, the Automatic Setting Regulation system, which constantly monitors the power draw, Hydroset pressure and mainshaft position (and thus CSS) in real time and automatically adjusts according to the data. The system compensates for crushing chamber wear to provide consistent product size. ASRi also allows quick and easy remote calibration, and is included as standard in both crushers.

Another standard feature is the Tank Instrumentation Monitoring System for controlling temperatures, pressures and oil flows in the lubrication system. The tank unit maintains automatic oil flow to bearings and permits full lubrication independently of the crusher itself and alerts the operator when preset limits are exceeded.

The intelligent systems in Sandvik CH860 and Sandvik CH865 enable real-time performance management, most tangibly maximized crusher performance and productivity. Other major benefits include easy and quick calibration and flexible capacity balancing as well as platform and parts commonality. Smart, compact design solutions reduce dynamic loads and minimize the engineering and installation work. The tank instrumentation monitoring system, a part of the enclosed three-in-one compact lubrication tank, guarantees high reliability and real-time monitoring of the main and pinion shaft lubrication as well as the Hydroset hydraulic tank.

Robustness refers to the overall reliability and durability benefits of the new Sandvik Mining crushers. High structural strength and advanced systems protect your investment from unplanned downtime. The electric dump valve offers instant tramp iron protection from uncrushables and reduces potentially destructive pressure peaks by more than 90 percent. The high sampling rate (200 times per second) of the PLC control system enables immediate response to the first pressure peak and active control of the pilot valve opening time and thus lowers the mainshaft, allowing the tramp iron to pass. Wear and seizure risk is reduced thanks to an improved over-pressure system that prevents dust from entering the dust seal ring. Offline filtering helps to keep the lubrication oil clean, which further reduces the wear on internal components and the risk of seizures.